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EACOM Timber Corporation

EACOM Timber Corporation is a Canadian woods product company. Operations include the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of lumber and wood-based value-added products, and the management of forest resources. EACOM owns 7 sawmills, a remanufacturing facility, and an engineered I-joist plant with over 1,200 employees. We are committed to investing in strong assets, including healthy forests, advanced technology and talented people. We believe that contributing to a strong community is an important part of living up to our values of respect, integrity, learning and collaboration. As our company grows, so does our commitment to encouraging the activities of our employees, to supporting local initiatives, and to engaging with youth in our communities. That includes working with our First Nations partners to achieve Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification, a program under the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. Fostering a culture that values education and learing is more than just a commitment at EACOM: we made it part of our most fundamental values. We believe it is important to encourage youth to pursue their dreams and to set goals for the career they see themselves evolving in.

EACOM Timber Corporation Indigenous Bursary

These awards will be given to students from EACOMS list of communities or from Ontario or Quebec with demonstrated involvement in and contribution to community as a whole and with a preference to students studying in forestry, business or trade programs. Internships may be available to qualifying students.

Awards Criteria

Awards Category: Post-Secondary
Deadlines: August 1, November 1, February 1
Program of Study: Forestry, business or trade programs
Level of Study: Any
Indigenous Affiliation: Any
Other: Preference to students with a commitment to their field of study and demonstrated academic merit