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T.E. Investment Counsel

With roots going back over 45 years, T.E. Wealth’s dedicated Aboriginal Services practice provides comprehensive investment and trust advisory services to assist in the planning and implementation of customized wealth management strategies. Our multi-disciplinary approach includes investment advisory support, communication and financial education services with an emphasis on providing the necessary advice, methodology and support in an unbiased and objective manner.

T.E. Investment Counsel Award

T.E. Investment Counsel is extremely honoured to help support Indspire in their efforts to create brighter futures for Indigenous students. This award will be distributed annually to those who are attending post-secondary institutions with demonstrated financial need.

Awards Criteria

Awards Category: Post-Secondary
Deadlines: August 1, November 1, February 1
Program of Study: Preference given to MBA students or 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students
Level of Study: Preference given to business, finance, accounting or finance related
Indigenous Affiliation: Any