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Matty Matheson

The Matty Matheson Culinary and Hospitality Bursary will be distributed annually to Indigenous students attending post-secondary institutions. Students demonstrating a need for financial contribution for educational costs and interested in culinary arts or in the hospitality field, will be prioritized.

“I believe that given the tools, you can create a life by feeding people, and you can create job opportunities for yourself and create self-worth. It wasn’t until I went to culinary school that I understood what doing a good job felt like. School was something that I never excelled in, and culinary school changed my life. It changed the way I think of academic institutions. I believe that cooking creates building blocks for the future, and learning the trade of cooking allows you to work anywhere in the world. With this bursary, I hope to aid in building character and self-esteem; I want to help anyone I can to pursue their dreams through culinary education and their love of food.” – Matty Matheson

Matty Matheson Culinary and Hospitality Bursary

Awards Criteria

Awards Category: Post-Secondary
Deadlines: August 1, November 1, February 1
Program of Study: Students must be enrolled in culinary or hospitality programs.
Indigenous Affiliation: Any